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About Us

ACS SL LTD Provides last mile solution for major local and international brands within the Digital Financial and Payment services space in Africa. We are currently active in Sierra Leone and The Gambia with ambition to extend our footprint across the African continent and beyond.

we started off in 2016 as an operator of branded Kiosks for a major international mobile Money operator in Freetown Sierra Leone, and have progressively expanded our agent network nationwide, creating more access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked and acting as an enabler for financial inclusion.

Our services involves the distribution of mobile money operators, banking services via agency banking and fulfilling remittance payments using our well-trained and managed network of agents. We accomplish our function through the engagement of individuals and merchants, categorised into multiple sales channels.

Extensive knowledge and experience gained in the three major industry pain point areas; customer acquisition, distribution management and agent network liquidity enables us to offer practical and scalable solutions via management consulting engagements to new and existing ecosystem players.

ACS business activities are conducted under the umbrella of two sub brands: ACS PauPoint, our distribution arm and ACS Consulting, our management and implant consulting arm.

The acronym ACS stands for Another Customer Satisfied, positioning customer satisfaction at the centre of our existence. We also offer customer centric training and coaching to organizations. 


We Are Committed To The National Financial Inclusion Strategy
• As an indigenous Sierra Leonean Company, we have aligned our business to serve as an enabler to the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion of the Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL).

We Want To Be The Last Mile Solution Provider of Choice
.We help major local and
international brands,
connect to their customers.
• We provide last mile
• We do this using multiple
sales channels.
• We have a well trained and
managed Agent Network.

We Want To Formalise the
Informal Sector

• We have fully embraced the
concept of formalising the
informal sector with social &
economic benefits

.Work opportunities for youth & disadvantaged sector.

We seek to empower our local communities.


The aim of ACS Paypoint is to make all ACS PayPoint outlet a one stop shop for all customers needs. Partner products available range from Cash in & Cash Out, SIM Sales, Agent Banking, Utility sales and money remittances

We want to do more and have a lot more variety of products and services in offing for our agents.

Please contact us at  info@acspaypoint.com for any agent location queries.


Deposit or withdraw (Cash in/out) money from your Orange Money or Afrimoney Account at any of our ACS PayPoint agent locations.


Purchase your electricity token (EDSA) or buy Orange and Africell airtime to make calls or convert to data at our ACS PayPoint agent locations


Money sent to your loved ones in Sierra Leone through Western Union, Moneygram, Ria and more can be paid out at any of our ACS PayPoint agent locations.


                    LINFORD ROY-MACAULEY                     BUSINESS CONSULTANT

          CHARLESTINA ROY-MACAULEY                  GENERAL MANAGER              

                     DESMOND STEVENS                                 FINANCE DIRECTOR             


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